Easy DIY Dill Pickles

Easy DIY Dill Pickles

DJ made homemade pickles as a kid, and has been asking if we can make them again every fall for a few years. This past weekend, I picked him up 8 cucumbers, 12 jars, and a bunch of dill. We followed this recipe from The Kitchn pretty loosely. We used normal cucumbers sliced into thin chips on my mandolin, and fresh dill instead of dill seed. We chose this recipe because it was easy and we wanted to use cider vinegar for the taste.
Any questions? Try it and let me know how it goes!

How to Make Dill Pickles


1.5 lbs Kirby or Persian cucumbers
4 garlic cloves, peeled and smashed
2 tsp dill seed
1/2 tsp red pepper flakes
1 c cider vinegar
1 c water
1 1/2 TBS pickling salt< or kosher salt


Chefs knife, Cutting board, 2 wide-mouth pint jars with lids, Large pot if canning


  • Prepare the jars: If you are planning to can your pickles for long-term storage, bring a large pot of water to a boil and sterilize the jars and their lids. If you are planning to make refrigerator pickles, simply washing the jars and lids is fine.
  • Prepare the cucumbers: Wash and dry the cucumbers. Trim away the blossom end of the cucumber, which contains enzymes that can lead to limp pickles. Leave the pickles whole, cut them into spears, or slice them into coins, as preferred.

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How to Make Your Own Gorgeous Flower Arrangement for Less than $15!

How to Make Your Own Gorgeous Flower Arrangement for Less than $15!

I love flowers! Practically the first thing I did when we moved into our house was plant a ton of them. I got a huge bag of wildflower seeds from the local Home Depot and went crazy. I planted them in the front on both sides of the door, next to our back deck, and in the flowerbeds in the back and side of our yard. I actually ended up emptying 2 of the bags of seeds before I was satisfied. They grew pretty quickly when I remembered to water them everyday. Now, we have crazy flowers all around our yard. They’re different shades of purple, orange, yellow, white, blue, red, every color. All different shapes and heights and kind of leaves everywhere. They’re so beautiful, but really wild. They were almost as tall as me, climbing on to the front steps and the back deck, hanging into the driveway even. I actually ended up with a lot of flowers! Sometimes when I’m pruning the garden, I’ve cut some flowers to arrange inside. And then I started buying them at the grocery store sometimes once I realized they were only $4.69 a bunch. After putting bouquets together step by step from directions online and getting used to the process, these are some of the flowers I’ve put together.

I Made this Gorgeous Flower Arrangement for Less Than $15 I Made this Gorgeous Flower Arrangement for Only $5 I Made this Gorgeous Flower Arrangement for Less Than $15 I Made this Gorgeous Flower Arrangement for Less Than $10

This is how I arrange a bouquet of flowers quickly, and cheaply in 7 easy steps

How to Make Your Own Gorgeous Flower Arrangement for Less than $15: Step by Step

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DIY Tutorial Marilyn Monroe Costume from Men’s 5XL T-shirt $5!

My costume a few years ago was awesome! I sewed an easy Marilyn Monroe inspired dress from a men’s 5XL T-shirt that I found at walmart for like five bucks. It was easy to put together, and with some lipstick and heels, it looked great!
Here’s a couple pictures I dug up:

DIY Marilyn Monroe Costume from Men's 5XL T-shirt $5!

And, here is how I made it!

Keep in mind that I am pretty short and usually wear a size small. You may need to make alterations to accommodate yourself better. I got the shirt at Walmart for around $5 and just made it up as I went along. The whole project took me less than two hours. You don’t need a sewing machine, its way easier by hand. Remember that its only a halloween costume, it doesn’t have to be perfect! Just have fun and enjoy it : )

DIY Marilyn Monroe Costume from Men's 5XL T-shirt $5!

    So, I took the shirt and cut it off right underneath the arms.
    Then I sewed by hand using large stiches all around the top raw edge. I pulled the thread and arranged it so that it was gathered nicely.
    I measured a piece of thick elastic to my waist, then sewed it together. I pinned it to the skirt in a few different places, then sewed it to attach it to the top of the skirt.
    I used the left over scraps to cut triangles that would be the top and an extra strip of fabric.
    I gathered them until they were the right width, pinned in place.
    Then I sewed them to the center top waistband, and sewed the top closed in the back.
    I made my sash by just sewing the ends of the extra strip together on my machine. I just slipped it over my head and arranged it to cover the elastic waistband and raw edges.
    After that I just had to find some eyeliner, lipstick, and heels.

This dress looked awesome, and I probably would wear it again if I could find it!

This year I want to make another t-shirt dress! I was thinking of maybe being a strawberry hahaha. A red swingy dress with a green leafy headdress.

If you have any questions about the tutorial, let me know!

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Beautiful grocery store flowers : )

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Beautiful grocery store flowers : )