My Fall 2014 Capsule Wardrobe

Happy first day of Fall! I don’t know about you, but Fall is my favorite season. I love all of the seasonal events and fashion. I love Thanksgiving and am looking forward to throwing my first one ever this year! I love sweaters and boots and back to school! The worst part of fall is having nothing to wear. That’s the worst part of at least a couple days of the week, honestly. I’m on a personal quest to never have nothing to wear. 

When I read about capsule wardrobes on Caroline’s blog, Un-Fancy, it sounded like the perfect idea for my wardrobe. She keeps only 37 fashion pieces in her wardrobe and trades them out each season. It actually reminded me of how I used to keep my clothes in a laundry basket after I moved out of my parents’ house, since I didn’t have a dresser. Though having only a few choices seems like it’d be very limiting, it was actually a whole lot quicker and easier to get dressed.

I also decided to work through her free wardrobe planner. Here are my results:

My Fall 2014 Capsule Wardrobe

I thought doing the pie chart was a great idea, though I cheated and used Word. Thinking about what I am getting dressed for was extremely helpful.

Work outfits are sometimes hard because its so hard for me to stay warm at work. I have to wear lots of layers and it often makes me feel frumpy. But, I’m starting to get more of the hang of it. At home, I’m usually doing house work, cooking, or on the computer. So I don’t really pay too much attention to what I’m wearing then. At the gym, I wear DJ’s old clothes that are too small for him mostly. I’m not someone who thinks they need cute gym clothes to impress anyone there. Events are the problem, as I am always running out at the last minute to get an outfit for whatever event I have upcoming. I divided them up into 3 different categories, which was helpful. Daytime events like running errands and going to casual family events may make up more than 10%, its hard to tell. I’ll usually wear jeans with flats or boots and a t-shirt, blouse or sweater. Depends how cold it is really. Night time plans that I have usually are pretty casual, like going to dinner, a family party, or to a casual bar. When I have time, I like to make the extra effort to look nice. I’ll usually like to wear a dress with boots, or a blouse or sweater with jeans and heels. Outside events are more casual, and I’m usually bundled up trying to keep warm. I usually wear boots, sweater and a jacket.
It was harder than I thought it’d be to come up with the words to describe my style. I’m really specific about what clothes I will buy and wear, but I never really know what to say to describe my style. It was the worst to try to explain to my then-boyfriend when he asked me what style of engagement ring I wanted. At first, he didn’t seem to understand at all and thought I was crazy haha. But my ring is so perfect and just my style. When I’m shopping, sometimes I feel unsure if a piece fits in my wardrobe and sense of style. I always look back at my ring and remember the look that I am going for.
Caroline advised picking 3-6 words, so I settled on these 5: gamine, bohemian, feminine, warm, minimal.

Gamine and bohemian are the 2 main inspirations that I’ve been trying to incorporate through my entire wardrobe for the past few years. Gamine is a very retro look, kind of tomboy ish. Skinny legs, big eyes, very conservative and classic. In my style, it comes across in my skinny pants, ballet flats that I wear with everything, my tomboy inspired pieces, my love of anything boyfriend fit, borrowing my husband’s clothes, my natural hair and makeup. Bohemian does sometimes seem very over done to me and can look cheap easily, but I still love it and have since I was a little girl. I try to stay away from anything too obvious and only wear a piece or two that is bohemian themed with my other classic pieces. I try to look for bohemian touches through out my wardrobe and home, especially for my jewelry. My wardrobe isn’t feminine in a typical way. Its not pink and ruffles or low cut. My sense of style is subtly sexy, with shapes and materials that are flattering on me. I know that warm isn’t usually a style, but I am always cold. Always. So, it really has become part of my style. I have a lot of long sleeve shirts that I wear under everything all year round. I have a lot of warm sweaters and cardigans also. By minimal, I just mean that I don’t really follow trends, and I don’t like to wear a lot of jewelry or a loud print or anything too bright.

My Fall 2014 Capsule Wardrobe

Reading the description for the Brands section made me jealous haha. I don’t really know of many brands that I like or that are in my budget besides Loft and Old Navy. I would say around half of my wardrobe comes from any random place. I really should look into it more and try to find the brands that suit me. The colors were also difficult to decide on! I looked through my closet to decide and I didn’t really want to limit myself too much. By silver, I mean jewelry.

There were other sections of Caroline’s wardrobe planner that I’m still working on completing. Check it out, its a great resource.

Caroline also talks about editing her capsule wardrobe using her rule of three, making sure she has one plain, one statement, one in between item for each category of her wardrobe. I think that sounds like an awesome idea. I made up a capsule wardrobe for fall, and I tried to pay apply the rule of threes with the pieces I already had.

So, after going through my whole wardrobe, this is what I came up with. I didn’t include workout gear, lounge wear, or any other clothes in my capsule wardrobe. I did, however, go through my entire closet and put everything that I didn’t need and didn’t wear into storage. It was a lot of work, but so worth it. I noticed a couple holes in my wardrobe, mostly because some of my favorite pieces are really worn out. The things that I’m hoping to replace/buy this fall are in bold.

Fall capsule wardrobe

Capsule Casual Wardrobe: 20 pieces

When I’m not at work, I keep it pretty casual. I wear mostly jeans, but sometimes if I need to be more dressy, I’ll wear my work clothes with a more casual top.

  • 4 pairs of jeans- classic dark skinnies, dark flares, black skinnies ( in the market for a new pair, maybe from Old Navy), light bf jeans
  • 2 casual dresses- black mossimo dress, black floral dress
  • 3 casual sweaters/cardis- black bf cardi, southwestern print cardi, grey sweatshirt (A Cup of Jo)
  • 5 blouses- red embroidered blouse, beige embroidered blouse, red flannel from gap, 1 more blouse, and a flannel ( I might buy a mens XS from Aeropostale)
  • 5 tees- white scoopneck, off white tie neck tee, white LS v neck tee, light grey LS v neck tee, black tee (Old Navy)
  • 2 jackets- navy bomber jacket, denim jacket are both falling apart. Looking for a trench possibly.

Fall capsule wardrobe

Capsule Work Wardrobe: 16 pieces

Caroline didn’t have a work section in her capsule wardrobe, but I’m a bank teller, so I have to dress very conservatively. My work and play wardrobes have almost nothing in common.

  • 4 pairs of work pants- 2 pairs black skinny pants, grey skinny khakis (Old Navy), grey flares
  • 5 work blouses- LS silk boyfriend fit (Nordstrom), white boxy, floral ruffles, embellished navy, white bf fit button up
  • 5 work cardis/sweaters- gray crewneck cardi, tan crewneck cardi, light colored bf cardi (Old Navy),  purple pullover sweater, black pullover sweater
  • 2 work dresses- black and white embroidered dress, gray sweaterdress

Fall capsule wardrobe

Shoes: 10 pairs

I’m not a shoes girl by any means. I just like to be comfy. There are 3 pairs of ballet flats on my list, which are all from Old Navy. I’ve been wearing them (not the same pair, but the same style) everywhere for more than 4 years! I added the 2 pairs of heels to the list because I’ve been trying to wear more casual heels recently. I got 2 pairs for summer and wore them pretty often, so I think it will be worth the investment to get a couple pairs for fall. I am not sure what to get though, any advice?

  • 4 pairs of flats- black tan and nude ballet flats, moccasins
  • 2 pairs of casual heels- neutral heel, statement heel
  • 3 pairs of short boots- sand uggs, beige flat boots, black heeled boots

My capsule wardrobe isn’t quite 37 pieces, but I do have a totally separate work wardrobe, which Caroline didn’t have. Plus, I don’t wear everything as much as I thought, I can always downsize again.

Do you think a capsule wardrobe would work for you? Why or why not?


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