15 Easy Ways to Wear Your Flannels

15 Easy Outfits with Flannels

The best part of flannel shirts, besides that they’re fuzzy and warm, is that you can wear them so many different ways! They’re one of the most versatile pieces of clothing. You can wear almost all year round. There are 15 ways listed here, and there are a few for every season. Starting with summer…

flannel and shortsflannel and shorts
Flannels look adorable with shorts, and leaving your shirt unbuttoned will keep you stylish but not too hot. I like to keep it laid back with a white tee and white sneakers. I would add some delicate jewelry or a graphic tee to give this look even more personality. The white sneakers are definitely trending this fall, and I found this version at Old Navy for less than $20.

flannel over dressflannel over dress
Another easy way to phase into fall, wear your floaty sundress with an unbuttoned flannel thrown on top and break out your go to boots and sunglasses.

flannel tucked into high waisted shorts flannel tucked into high waisted shorts
A flannel tucked into high waisted shorts defines your waist really well, and doesn’t show too much skin. Black flats and classic sunglasses play on the contrast between the preppy, tucked in shirt and the distressed shorts.

flannel with tights and shorts flannel with tights and shorts
If you want to make your legs look long, black tights and black booties are the way to go. This outfit promises to flatter. If you feel too grungy, you can always tuck the flannel in like the outfit above.

all black with flannelall black with flannel
I love an all black outfit, because its so easy, yet looks put together. The black jeans,v-neck tee, and boots contrast with the necklace and flannel so well.

flannel with bf jeans and loafersflannel with bf jeans and loafers
I have to say that worn out boyfriend jeans are my favorite fall bottoms. They’re so fun to dress up. Loafers don’t look too stuffy when paired with boyfriend jeans, a flannel and a gray v-neck tee.

flannel with graphic tee and hatflannel with graphic tee and hat
The boots and skinny jeans keep this outfit feminine, while the graphic tee, cap, and flannel are laid back and comfortable! The flannel and tee are from the mens’ section at Aeropostale. For me, the mens XS has such a classic, fitted look. I love that you can always find classic colors in the mens’ section, instead of all the trendy colors and fits.

flannel with high waisted jeans and heelsflannel with high waisted jeans and heels
I’ve had this pin on my fall/winter board for a long time. The girls look almost french to me, I don’t know why. The well fitted flannel tucked into tight high-waisted jeans is a surprisingly good combo with the thin black belt and pumps. For pumps or any heels, Nine West is the only brand I will buy. They’re always so comfortable, and they have great sales.

flannel with cardiganflannel with cardigan
Wearing a flannel under a cardigan is a great idea- I’m always looking for ways to layer in an effort to keep warm! I would add some interest to the look with cute shoes and jewelry.

flannel and maxi skirtflannel and maxi skirt
I would have never thought to wear a flannel with a maxi skirt, but it could be a really great combo. Its especially cute how she knotted it right at the waist. I would sneak some comfy wedges under the skirt to make the outfit even more flattering.

flannel with flared jeans and heelsflannel with flared jeans and heels
Wearing flares and heels is a great combo because you’ll look super tall and thin! The little half tucked flannel is also super flattering. It makes a longer line, making you look even taller still. Also aviators are the best.

flannel, sweater, and beanieflannel, sweater, and beanie
If its too cold, sometimes I’ll throw a flannel on top of a sweatshirt. Beanies are also a favorite of mine when its chilly out. To keep the outfit from seeming too grungy, I would pair this with dark skinny jeans and heeled booties.

flannel under sweaterflannel under sweater
flannel under sweaterflannel under sweater
Sweaters with plaid underneath can sometimes seem overdone or overly preppy, but I think that if you do your own take on it instead of piling on the trendy jewelry with your sneakers and beach curls, it can still look fresh. Beige sweater, red sweater.

flannel with fair isle sweaterflannel with fair isle sweater
This outfit is perfect for winter. Layering a flannel under a fair isle sweater is sure to keep you extra warm!

What other ways do you wear your flannels? I always find as many outfits as I can using every piece in my wardrobe, in an effort to always have something to wear.

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15 Easy Ways to Wear Your Flannels


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